What Lawns Need - The Facts

  • Lawns are made up of grass plants and these need nutrient and water to remain healthy and strong.
  • An unhealthy lawn will be thin and sparse and these areas will be quickly taken up by weeds and moss.
  • For heavy moss invasion, a scarify treatment to mechanically remove the moss is advisable. Many domestic lawns are often enclosed, have little airflow and reduced sunlight - all these create an environment for moss to thrive - regular scarifying will help it to remain in top condition.
  • A lawn that looks visually unhealthy can usually be turned around with the use of a few treatments and some general lawn aftercare.
  • For a general quick improvement a cut/ fertiliser and selective weed spray, is a cheap and effective way to improve a lawn.

Lawns - What We Do

  • We will visit you to look at your lawn and discuss your requirements - a visual inspection is usually enough to determine a course of action - and will give you appropriate options, depending on your desired result.
  • Lawn work can begin in March and carry on until November.
  • Our lawn treatments include products used in some of the world's top sporting stadiums and arenas.
  • We always aim to achieve the desired results with minimum disruption and at low cost.

Lawn Treatments


We use the latest slow and quick release fertiliser technology as used in the world of sports turf and the amenity sector.


This is usually carried out in the spring or autumn and involves thatch and debris removal and helps rejuvenate a lawn.

Weed Control for Lawns

We use a selective environment-friendly weed control for lawns which will not damage the grass in any way. We use products which are safe for both humans, pets and wildlife.

Grass seeding

We over-seed using the latest grass seeds on the market, and we give customers the opportunity to choose a particular seed, if they so wish - whether that's golf/tennis or cricket varieties. Customers can even choose a seed variety from their favourite football club!

Lawn cutting

This can be carried out on a regular basis or as a one off. A mower with a rear roller is used to give a neat striped finish.

A cared-for lawn!